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Women are more attractive (and look younger) when they smile than when they are wearing make-up.



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Smile makeovers

It's official - Smiling improves your life!

It's good for your health - even if you force your smile - endorphins are released in your body which improves your mood and releases stress. It's a social lubricant: as they say "smile and the world smiles with you". It's good for your career: people who smile more are more likely to get a promotion. It's even said that women are more attractive (and look younger) when they smile than when they are wearing make-up.

So if you feel that you cannot smile because of the way your teeth appear, you are missing out; especially if it's going to dampen an important day - like a wedding, a graduation or a public presentation.

A smile makeover is a general term for a range of cosmetic treatments that can help you smile with more confidence. They include: Braces, porcelain veneers or crowns, cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening. Each makeover will be unique  - addressing the issues important to you, and working within a budget that you can afford. As it is purely cosmetic a smile makeover is not covered by the NHS.

Where Art Meets Science

They say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' but there are internationally agreed design rules for what makes someone look beautiful. These can be summed up as 'balanced proportions'.

  • In designing your smile makeover we will be working towards these ideal proportions. For instance:
  • The horizontal arrangement of the teeth should be in-line with the eyes.
  • The teeth should look symmetrical either side of the front teeth.
  • The smile line (which joins the tips of your upper teeth) should mimic the curve of your lower lip (a flat smile line gives a more aged appearance).
  • The gum line of the upper teeth should ideally follow the line of the upper lip.
  • And each tooth should be well proportioned in relation to its neighbours.
  • Lastly the look should be natural rather having a fake appearance. This is done by making sure that each tooth is defined individually with rounded corners.

Within these general guidelines different treatments will deal with different issues: Re-alignment and bonding will address crooked teeth or misshaped teeth; Veneers and crowns can mask discolouration and misshapen teeth, and correct minor out of position teeth; Tooth whitening will address surface appearance.

We aim to provide ethical cosmetic treatment: You have the right to decide whether you wish to undergo non-essential dental treatment. We strive to ensure that your decision is sufficiently informed about the (realistic) benefits, risks, alternatives and costs. Your health and well-being will continue to be at the heart of the service we offer to you.