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Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening teeth to improve their appearance and the way they work.

Teeth straightening corrects the uneven bite caused by teeth not interlocking together properly. For instance orthodontic treatment can move 'prominent' upper front teeth back into line.  It can also help to look after the long-term health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all the teeth.

Abnormal development of teeth can have many consequences: An uneven bite can cause problems with the jaw joint and muscles causing migraines; Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean which increases the chance of you developing gum disease; Crooked teeth can be unsightly. In some cases, abnormal development of the teeth and jaw can affect the shape of the face, which could cause psychological and emotional problems, such as lack of self-confidence.

Problems with crooked and out-of-place teeth are quite common in the UK. A recent study carried out in England found that around a third of 12 year olds would benefit from some degree of orthodontic treatment. Although it is best carried out in children more and more adults are also having orthodontic treatment too.   

NHS orthodontic treatment is free for people under the age of 18 with a clear clinical need for treatment. However, due to high demand there can be a long waiting list for NHS orthodontic treatment (source: http://www.nhs.uk).

How We Can Help

Orthodontists are not involved in the routine care of your teeth. Your misaligned teeth may be hiding other problems which only a dentist would be able to deal with. For instance there may be tooth decay or gum disease which needs to be sorted before orthodontic treatment would be suitable.

We will assess your orthodontic needs. For small misalignments we offer the Inman Aligner system which will correct misaligned front teeth in a simple and quick way (see the side panel for more information). Rohit Mistry is an accredited practitioner of Inman Aligner which uses braces to correct teeth.

We can also offer other solutions and advice. For more major correction we will prepare and then refer you to an orthodontist. We can support you with maintenance of your oral health during and after orthodontic treatment.