Mar 27, 2017

UK Beats The US!

Facts Challenge A British Stereotype

UK Beats The US!

Have a think. What do you think is the American stereotype of the British?

Perhaps you think it is Sherlock Holmes, tea drinking or ‘stiff upper lip’. None of the above. The big cliché about the British is…terrible teeth! This has been going on for years – perhaps it started with the GIs returning from a pre-NHS Britain after the second world war. But The Simpsons nightmare Book of British Smiles and the goofy British Spy Austin Powers have kept the idea up. While Simon Cowell has had the Hollywood treatment other Brits in the US like Ricky Gervais have declined to have this done – Americans think he wears bad false teeth for comic effect! Generally it seems the British prefer a more natural look as opposed to the ‘glow in the dark’ look.

But it is time the yanks took another look in the mirror because in a recent World Dental Federation survey of 12 countries the UK came third for knowledge of dental facts and sixth for good practice. Well ahead both times of the USA who were near the bottom. So take that, American cousins!