Oct 10, 2016

Oral Piercing Tips

Fashion Can Be Bad For Your Health!

Oral Piercing Tips

Oral piercings are fashionable these days. Here are three health tips if you are thinking of having an oral piercing done or already have one.

Firstly get it done by a trusted provider in a clean and safe environment. "The act of getting a piercing is itself very dangerous as if done incorrectly can cause issues such as permanent numbness of the tongue, blood loss, excessive swelling which affects breathing and swallowing and in severe cases and increased risk of HIV and Hepatitis B."

Secondly, keep it as clean as possible, using an antiseptic mouthwash regularly. "The mouth contains a huge amount of bacteria and is an ideal place for infection to arise, this is especially the case with new piercings as it is an open wound and needs constant care and attention to prevent infection. An infection can quickly lead to other more serious conditions such as blood poisoning (septicaemia)”.

Lastly, avoid tooth wear. "Try to avoid playing or fiddling with it and having it come into contact with teeth, especially when speaking or eating as this leads to teeth wear which may require extensive dental intervention. And "if you are taking part in sports remove the jewellery to minimise the risk of any damage through trauma”.