Dental Implants Referral Form

To refer your patient to us for dental implants please download the following form

Fees For Dental Implants

We have a separate fee list for dental implants. Access this list here


Dental Implant Referrals

Why Choose Us?

Quality And Experience

Kash Ubhi has an outstanding record of dental implants work. He has many years of experience of working closely and successfully with referring dentists. Our aim is to ensure that both referred patient and you, the referring dentist are delighted with the quality of our clinical expertise and the level of care and attention that we provide.


We are clear that when you refer a patient you are placing your trust in us. It is very important to us that you know we will respect that this is your patient.  We will only carry out the treatment previously agreed with yourself and the patient. We can reassure you that we would never try to acquire your patients.

In the rare event where complications arise after the patient has been treated by us, we will always ensure that they are seen promptly to receive the remedial care they require.


The patient will receive a full and comprehensive treatment plan outlining options, risks and payment fees. The treatment plan will be discussed and signed before treatment commences.

Good Communication

We aim to maintain a good communication with both your patient and yourself. You will receive copies of all letters sent to the patient including the treatment plan and costing and be kept up to date with treatment progress. 


Our aim is to establish a long term relationship with you which will be mutually beneficial. We seek to complement the existing services that you offer and widen the range of treatments available.

We aim to be a valuable and trusted resource to you responding quickly and appropriately to the needs of both patients and referring dentists.

We will ensure that a successful referral to Elstree Dental Implants will enhance your patient's trust in you as their dentist and they will be grateful to you for referring them to us for specialist treatment.


We are happy to carry out the complete cycle of treatment from the initial assessment, through surgery and onto the final restoration. However if you would like to retain control of the restorative phase of treatment and benefit financially from the income stream this provides, then we offer full training, mentoring and ongoing support.

What To Next

  1. Please inform your patient that a consultation appointment with Kash Ubhi will cost £120 including X-rays. This will be incorporated into the treatment costs if the patient decides to go ahead. You may wish to refer them to a brief introduction to Dental Implants our dental implants page here; For much more detail they can access the Elstree Dental Implants website here.     
  2. Complete our referral form. Once we receive your completed form we will contact the patient to arrange a consultation appointment with Kash Ubhi.
  3. Receive Treatment Plan and Fees: We will then follow up the consultation with a letter to the patient setting out a full and comprehensive treatment plan outlining options, risks and payment fees. The treatment plan will be discussed and signed before treatment commences. This letter will also clarify that you remain their dentist and that they will only be treated for what they have been referred for. You will receive a copy of this letter.