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Existing patients

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"The charges compare favourably with others. To be frank I am so pleased with my dental care that I don't even think of going elsewhere"

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Why Private. Why Drayton

We still offer free NHS treatment to children.

But we decided to move over to an ethical private practice for adults so that we could expand on what the NHS has to offer.

A Personalised And Satisfying Experience

By charging more than NHS rates - we can afford to give you more time and better materials within our budget, not compromising our choice of materials, treatments and time. This makes for a much more personalised and satisfying experience for both patient and dentist.

For instance by restricting how many patients we have each day we can better ensure that you are seen on or very close to your appointment time – and that the appointment is not rushed. As a private practice we can ensure that your appointment is not just about your teeth but also about your general well-being.

And don't forget that some work on the NHS is already private: "NHS dental treatment does not include cosmetic treatments (to improve your appearance) that are not clinically necessary. For example, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening are not available on the NHS" (source:

We have maintained a loyal pool of patients despite there being other NHS and private practices in the area (See our testimonial page for some of our patient's comments about our practice).  We have been able to provide continuity of care with the same dentist over a long period of time.

We regularly review our prices to ensure that you have access to the best treatment at a fair price.
All our clinical staff are fully qualified and registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). Registration with the GDC ensures they adhere to GDC standards and on-going professional development.

Our Commitment To You

Our aim is to treat you with respect so that you will respect our service. We are private with the emphasis on service rather than profit. We prefer to build long term relationships grounded in fair pricing and patient trust and confidence.

We provide patients with clear and transparent information up front about the proposed treatment and the costs this would entail so patients can make an informed decision about whether to proceed.  Please see our Fees and Finance section for the option that suits you. You may see our hygienists without seeing our dentists if you so wish.